Nederlands Mathematisch C..

Nederlands Mathematisch Congres

The 54-th Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC) will be held in Veldhoven, on April 3—4, 2018, the two days following Easter 2018.

The upcoming NMC will be a pilot under auspices of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG), inspired by the `Deltaplan Wiskunde'. It will be a larger scale two day congress, offering a plenary program with internationally renowned mathematicians.

In addition it aims at hosting many parallel activities of various Dutch mathematical subcommunities, including the research clusters and high school teachers. Minisymposia addressing themes of current interest to the math community are also envisaged. An overnight stay will be included.

If successful, this pilot, supported by PWN, NWO and the research clusters, will be continued in a more structural fashion at a fixed location.